Frequently Asked Questions

Is my language supported?

The user interface currently supports English and French. But thanks to custom templates, you can literally generate program invoices and session reports in any language (see Templates).

Is there a mobile application?

No for the current time being but we are looking forward to developing a mobile version of the app.

How come that I still have not received my email?

Check your junk mailbox. Please add the sender address to your contacts to be sure to receive all emails.

Where do I find data in my local computer?

You don't. Your data is stored online by our service. However, some data is temporarily cached locally for fast access. If you wish, you can clear cached data from the application preferences.

Can I quit any time?

Absolutely, no strings attached!

Is there an API to access my data from a software other than C’Pivot?

No, we currently do not provide this feature.

Can I access the service from a web browser?

No, you need to install the software.

Can I download my data?

Of course you can! From the application Account menu, click Download All My Data. Note that your data will follow the json object notation.

How can I pay?

We accept major credit cards. From the application Account menu, click Update Card Online...

Didn't find your answer here?

Write to us and we will be more than happy to help.